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Wesley Swan Photography

Hello My name is Wesley Swan. I was Born In Edmonton
Alberta March 12 1959. I took mostof my schooling there. Then moved to Nipawin Saskatchewan to finish my schooling and take on a job working for a Seed Company. My passion has always been Photography. I bought my first SLR camera in 1978. The Cannon AE-1. The camera which I use till the Digital Age hit us. I enjoyed taking photographs of People. Portraits and Weddings is what I focused on. Mostly family and friends. However I did take some outside jobs. Shortly after I got my camera I joined The Nipawin Camera Club. I became President in a short time. I was for over 25 years, as well I designed the Clubs Website and Newsletter for several years. Also in 1992, I joined a Multi Province Photography Organization called Prairie Region of Photographic Arts. and also became Treasurer for some time. I also designed and maintained their Website as well. And for a short period of
time their Newsletter. In 2006 I gave up both positions and moved to Edmonton Alberta where I hung up mt AE-1

camera and got my first Digital Camera Pentex D1000 Super. Learning the Digital age I advanced to the creations of DVD & Bluray slide shows Then got myself my second Digital Camera The Nikon DSLR D5500 a great entry Level Professional Camera. I have also and still create and manage several Websites, personal and for Clients.

Contact Details:                      www.swanphotography.ca                information@swanphotography.ca